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your lunch
hello welcome to financial and
other show every day complex
financial concepts and become an
easy digestible thats my name is
Smith you know with me
certified financial planner so
we'd let but went to a bunch of
fun but for years that we've
received today
and Gabrielle just gonna see if
our all the viewers have written
in with their questions have
their investments on track
if you'd like for us to give you
your portfolio and can you what
to do with your money
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Smith devour so welcome summit
let's get started with college
oh she's email that's coming
from plants now thanks so much
riding in
pollen in fact is just 29 he
writes in and I he says he's mad
the two month old baby
he's also the only member in his
family odd set consists of is
why it is baby
his bed is also no way can wife
is also a younger sister to look
so it's a little out joint
family %uh we have a typical
living in households in fact
just 29
he's also the full member owning
any cash in that family think
about 25,000 rupees
he faced 30,000 which is quite
and %uh I has a cutting deposits
of 25,000 per month he hasn't
run some 50,000
and that he left his financial
goals and not affect it's very
important to mention that his
sister's marriage
at this point seems to be a
priority you want to get a
systematic in the next ya ross
also wants to know
how he should be planning for
back Matt H less a bunch of
other goals which include
are making showed that his giant
are sick you are and to educate
finances up with a
for education left the family
insurance plan
so there's lots to look forward
to in this particular part for
you and so we don't get your
view of us
you think is now fairly typical
Indian scenario you know someone
young someone looking
have a young family and also has
bad in San a younger sister
living together
thanks for the getting on the
show the this is
have a typical Indian family and
one thing which I want this ad
on the way introduced
you introduced right in the
beginning along with portfolio I
didn't either
investing financial histories to
and all our viewers are watching
are should non up you know
perspective because these out
ought not to be unique
cases these are very typical
opinion families so there's no
love lessons
which we share and then learn
from these targets if you want
to discuss how debt
inspecting get a double to let's
take football systematic the
next week 15 months
will be three lek asked for this
wall it looks like no one wants
to contribute
do that towards a system at it
his father is also
supposed to contribute for like
rabin other than saving the file
that mean the total budget at
the system added 27
%uh the one saving this story
though them to be the month L
the day investing that eat
without even going by the Board
if this is what the world wants
to do
then back to meet me in for for
next one or two years to the
dentist to get mad at
no you cannot do any over the
world so basically had live get
is on hold did died I collect
event this pasta is this just as
mating habits i he saves up on
his money
dole pot finance fact reading
that so is that a good thing I
there's nothing like good
abandoned on the financial
planning it so it's not as they
did it each to his own
well what we need to really
understand how does bother
puddle gold now let's go back
and go back in history for the
woods family
and go back to his parents when
they were you know trying to
a their finances if that would
have planned a a twenty years
ago or
sister's marriage the situation
would have been very different
it's true a and Wide Web in
differently to things that
swallowed savings is is only 5
lacs are which is planning for
next door system added
dangerous that a big nor
you know even at the cost offs
you know a
with the family deciding that we
cannot we should not spend this
kind of money for a system added
its as important as that because
no what will happen
both system added what really
worries me not even so many
families ruin my own family have
seen this happening
that we become emotional when it
comes to you nor does matter
just on the education
you going deep into added time
and got both and spend all the
money in making sure they're
getting married in the right way
then the Thunder wanted loan is
a name so that you know we get
we can get a society image it
also SRT an Indian
especially are at again is a
personal opinion it within
the Indian society we don't
place a lot of importance on how
big how can you
so even if that comes at the
cost of dipping into a savings a
lot of families do that but
you're suggesting that
maybe it's time for your dole
sort of a play within the
boundaries and sort of
downscale yet what your
expectations of flag-waving
the building's car very clearly
one side only whatever your
financial goals especially
things like mad to DIN secla
stock as early as possible into
the big method for double
because now he's thinking or
you've got a small kid you need
to plan for them starting now to
that Smith number one
second is if you don't have it
do not go and dipping our
you know what I was having you
have the crime good both the
ratification right now
my big suggestion to them a big
advice would be reduce the
and and had a big assumption
that we have is that they were
do not have any things cool with
we don't know because the other
mention anywhere that he had any
existing savings
because it got in data that we
have deliver next a great 250
month will only say for a system
his father's 80-90 percent thing
when the system added
in this edition into spending
several X be made for you don't
spend more than a booty text
I want to find or putting one
family into a ex parte
just by making sure one made it
happen the way you a plan it out
to be although what happens is
that once you know you get very
excited you want to have a grand
wedding obviously cuz it's an
emotional thing going to have
a great wedding in the family
but once those three or four
days old
you know festivities die down up
your back to not having any
savings back to start up
struggling and little you know
its it's clearly not a case a
hand-to-mouth existence like it
could be
fairly dial it should be yes so
you are saying God
so that one looks like you have
to sort of like downgrading
expectations of how much you
want to spend on your sister's
spend less would be the first
thing the second thing I ask you
is that cool
you had a point to a day you
know with lol you are seeing
what's happening with your
sister your startup
wanting to spend but don't have
the money actuating for your
kids wat i
and also start saving for your
kids' education I should look at
actually once the the system at
its apart as they can get off
and then let's start with an
assumption that
no I do not do not have to say
for it as a bigger them can we
are trying to do
because it's sitting on a theme
in the forty thousand to be the
month made it pretty they
for this kind of a family say
than that of expectation they
have soviet as you mean
and then there's nothing I began
nobody on the ability to a
of not saving that money for
that might at work saving
well for systematic then does
higher education fifteen years
from now I think very easily can
go energy that
a particular goal by IP
colluding a
right asset allocation mix in
front of this a send it to
fifteen your goal is to go into
an aggressive at the delegation
which you know it was an NBA
could you didn't define
and 20 percent and a fixed
income or dead oriented move to
find well
we currently all to see that you
don't know a little prayer
connecting to buy the degree but
i wanna be the month
now Rd the great savings habit
no doubt about it you're doing
and regular basis but
but opposition will be to blue
much better asset allocation
o'neill you looking to buy the
demand I think you are not
on really doing optimal at a
television not doing it could be
asset class or a longer period
of time and you're missing out
an opportunity in denuding
I had it done so you think I'm
just having that regarding
deposit maybe have parted
defines going to %ah systematic
investment plan
that's right systematic
investment plan that new to find
up between fixed income and
equity equity should have eighty
percent for the ball is
and and rest when he was in
trouble and a systematic
investment plan of %uh affecting
them say to them you can find
ok because Rd has a tax impact
in Alba and I'm sure but there
will be in minimum 30 percent
tax bracket
the caravan committee has so
were both Specter don't have ID
cannot compete with with mutual
fund long-term you know
weathered fixed income or
or are are or equity total I
think that that something very
important for him to do that and
I love the
a 20,000 we are saving endo than
enough to save forward for this
global in the fifteen years with
okay I'm bonding the lady what
one does in a out I'd I want to
take up insurance next
are he says sad that his wife
doesn't have a car now
in in this scenario where
there's one soul on
in the family who should have
insurance actually let's pick
doesn't ardent and then again
it's not very
they might appeared but we
respect and and try and human
that he's done both about life
go and medical okay
and many when you talk about
life in Thailand in life and
under the concept of enjoyment
and rest
what are you enjoying for so
owning member is is
almost the the right member who
has to get insured
who getting your life in jordan
and she doesn't have an
enjoyable in breast involve
income coming in
is not advisable because you
might not get great enjoyment
won't but I do you might not
even getting don and Linda and
the me today
why should enjoy your dinner
well what would be lost if he's
not there
other than the most a loss to
the family you know or support
lost for the family
noted by the Bell similarly
Peter died noted by the way for
them to do it needs to have
appeared on golden torrent in
his name but adequate
okay bundle and make sure you
calculate human life value
keeping your dream then bowled
in mind not only are actual
amount but you need to run your
right this is that's a great
point to the best of our love
join family's traditional
families and these in sort of
many nuclear families
I across India so that's a point
you should keep in mind is that
the bus and was
honoring lost
honoring the bus and was lost
would be sort of a
residing in a big fashion lost
fail family other one sector
because most
and also not some nominal amount
for insurance I just a large
amount of all enjoy equitable
adequate amount for it
enjoyed it aggressive injured
and is very very very important
alright so I think about those
two things that was also the
memo for those of you who was
raghida on the show we've only
writing back to you shortly
don't frack if you missed the
show and I could see if you miss
a show you can always catch it
on on the Facebook page
are on you TV money dot com we
take a break when we come back
we'll talk about
we need the idea he just 23 and
he wants to know how you can get
started with investment will
have some ideas for him after
this pic

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