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hi and be in a column founder of
personal revolution coaching
and this is your Friday Fast
is Fast Five Guys all about
your resume I mean it you all
look at your resume
I'm now you think it out the
knife cut my resume its already
out the word on it anymore come
on now
seriously you know you do I in
some rules I was a manager
an active member having to sort
resumes and I couldn't inside
scoop inside look
into how the HR departments do
it they don't breed
every single resume in fact your
resume will most likely not get
red by the HR Manager it's
usually some in turn are some
assistant hookah goes through
and looks for
keywords your resume look to see
hate it look okay
and if it doesn't pass the test
with the
HR Assistant it doesn't get over
to the HR Manager
and then on to you hiring folks
here are five ways to get your
red and put in the yes Kyle
you wanna be concise be. concise
it is so vitally important you
want to make sure your resume is
one-page I miss eight again it's
gotta be one page
and I know you can tell me Pena
I have so much experience
you don't have to put every
single experience you
ever had in your resume you need
to put the ones
that are most important the ones
fit this role and our most
relevant to the role
second you wanna make sure you
numbers and symbols this is
hugely important
numbers and symbols member House
talking about that HR Assistant
was reading through all this not
reading your resume what they're
doing is scanning your resume
their skin your resume for
for dollar signs for percentages
millions this these symbols
reflect results sure you follow
action results 6s formula
what you want to do is for every
ballpoint on your resume
you wanna meet restart of with
and action for
power for something meaningful
don't just use the same ones
over and over again you want to
use those terms
but you what you wanna do is you
want to communicate why that's
okay so if your role he's as
scientist you want to use terms
will reflective of role so
will reflective of that role so
you want to use terms like
and analyzed synthesized
maybe developed get that action
verb going for you
analyzed a process and
the recommended improvements
save the company 20 percent
in labor costs so you analyzed
you recommended a solution shows
you think
and you have a quantitative
there so that has goes back to
that number shows results
number four proofread I'm gonna
see this again
proofread it's so important
you've got to proofread if you
don't what's gonna happen is
these little mistakes got a
plant in the mind at that HR
way if they can't spell on
something is important as
their resume they can't catch
that extra spacing air
on something is important and
that they present to me
like their resume what's gonna
happen we're under a time crunch
at work
so make sure you've had your
crystalline have multiple people
review it
not just yourself you wanna make
sure you you more than just a
job now in today's market
it's extremely important to show
that you've got divers
interests you're not just a one
hit wonder so show some
interests you wanna stand out
my show what you know if you
love to Thai cooking your
you taking classes all over the
world talk about it
if you are a bowling wonder and
you love double
incorporate talk about some the
things that you've done
that your product in the
interests section at the bottom
of the arrest me
so let's recap you wanna be
concise wanna use
numbers and symbols to out to
you want to follow the action
6s formula every bullet point
wanna crew free to resume very
extremely given up
extremely important given up
you got it for free and finally
add some diversity to it you're
not you're more than just a job
and make sure your flesh that in
your resume
so that is your Friday Fast Five
thanks guys
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