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e and this is part 15 industries
and this is part 15 industries
frequently asked questions on
whiplash car accident
in this final segment I'm going
to share with you
what will happen when you visit
my office for the first time
when you first try
I'll have you see here and fill
out a questionnaire
so I can
understand more what you've been
going through after completing
the paperwork
will come in here in my office
annual sit in one easy brown
and I'll ask him questions
you'll tell me about your
condition and I'll listen
after you completed
tell me about your condition
will move over here and will be
used several different s
to find out the cause
your problem many people tell me
it's the
most comprehensive health
evaluation they've ever had
if your condition wants it
will take X-rays now after
finishing all those things
we ate do some fun stuff to come
on here with me
so you here first therapy
which include this traction
I heat pad
electrical muscle stimulation
I therapeutic exercises
visual stimulation sound therapy
smell therapy whatever your
condition call for
and that Wenger first one I tell
people the plan on
about one hour for this first
this now on your second a plan
will go over all results %uh
tests and x-rays
and then based on those findings
I will give you a
plan in action to injure mean
I from your whiplash in car
accident injuries
and if necessary at all or any
financial that point as well
I'll down any
pressure obligation bill then
design with a haul that plan a
joy simple that I help these
videos have been invaluable to
thank very much for watching
thank you very much for watching
so long

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