Subtitles for Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea - "Problem" PARODY

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a year I look like that do
dishes I remember me and I got
the but don't actually know what
be just doesn't look like
Marie I'm a random back and
is my teeth can you please zoom
out to come back in print me out
some it
you need to
totally unique nobody's like me
to a place that's not throw your
voice is that the carbon copy of
Mariah Carey who you trying to
steal and that's about you
aren't you 18
both the other voices are way
too high and annoying ass but so
will you please shut the hell up
a book everybody's ear drums out
damn it stop so I really thought
that might be the only one more
time I dare you
is a gigs oh my balls dropped
wake up in the morning did my
face and I made Queen said look
just like a few bucks extra
it was big and he got into the
sands of time looking through a
hole in my family we get to
begin to be convincing that i'm
actually on second you've got
into cross dressing and not the
official make you find in a book
and I think that dude in the bag
let's just move - idiot have
enough makeup to cover up my
breakfast or whatever feel
confident don't sweat it for me
have you noticed from my god
it's been you all along
hypnotizing y'all like this
sound like why you some too
people say my name say my
hi Daddy sorry arrianna you're
through their guests
oh , honey hill and we need
someone bigger that you
we were back
don't forget it up ray well
actually fully replace say hi to
Ariana -
holy shit that video sucks
the worst ending ever all you
did was replace one bitch with
another bitch
I cute assuming on my mouth
forget i get sick you want dead
mother fucking job guys thanks
for watching my problem parody
if you want to check out the
rest of my parents to lick this
box right here
special thanks to King patches
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the visitors of the winner will
be announce on the Internet
parody until next time guys I
gotta go practice making my butt
cheeks Wiggles you know what I'm
saying it because that's what
video I'm doing next space

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