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hi I'm Eric bowls and I'm the
Economic Development Director
for the city of north korean i'm
here with Rick papay and Jackie
closet sir
- and principles here at
trubridge incorporated one of
the first businesses here in the
number district and we're
speaking with them this morning
on a great company expansion
project right here in their
offices on East Maple Street and
really speaking with them about
their current need to hire over
250 new employees will be
speaking with in this morning
more in rent
what are you good good to see
the story I Jackie
thanks for being with us just
wanting it tell us a little bit
about the project and
explain a little bit about you
beautifully renovated offices
here on the third floor of the
new participate in
okay well well we did this
renovation last year and what
it's done is it allows us to add
probably another hundred and
fifty seats and unit in the
combined with what we already
we can have the capacity for
over 400 license insurance
that being said we were acquired
by a company called transact at
the end of last year which is
giving us the ability to expand
okay Rick will tell us a little
bit about your fridge and also
talking about the experience of
my being
okay well here true but we are
as were direct to consumer
insurance but we have multiple
clients of
clients like humana best usual
mutual of omaha and what we do
is we provide licensed insurance
agents for them to directly sell
the product to the consumer
went through expansion at the
end of last year but basically
opened up another 200 seats
to provide these agents from
consumer can actually expand our
business with the carrots and
that's really fantastic and we
had a chance to watch and
participate in your growth and
watch the exciting growth and
change over the last number of
years and what we're seeing here
and the newly remodeled offices
once again you know this is a
beautiful beautiful workplace
break and Jackie tell me what
kind of employees are you
looking to hire and what kind of
benefits the company offered to
what we're actually looking for
a really dedicated hard-working
the green licensing program that
we have phenomenal obtain
insurance license is basically
your painting
it's a life-changing opportunity
that stays with you for the rest
we provide that opportunity
basically dedicated hard working
with it
and the benefits they can to get
if they're hiring
we offer a base rate plus an
uncap bus potential you can make
as much as you want in
what's really neat that we offer
is a super pre-licensing program
with this program we have people
we have instructors are fully
accredited you do the licensing
right here at site
so everything you do to become a
license and translation happens
right here on the facility
currently the hours of operation
are basically nine to nine one
seven days a week
it really depends on what
program heating the most of the
day of the leads that we do
receive here are going to be in
the central or eastern time zone
sweet so that the the west coast
we really don't have a lot of
late shift going now that being
said when our season starts and
we do become busy we do expand
the lead wire out that direction
of the most of the schedules
here would be for the eastern
and central freaking Jackie tell
me how people can apply it was
the best way to get in touch
with the troll bridge of people
are interesting interested in
applying for these great jobs if
anybody is interested
applying for this position they
are more than welcome to submit
the resume to careers at
trubridge inc com
that is careers @ t ru bridge
I NC . com or you can call us
and talk to the recruiting
specialist at eight high five
86 10 to 35 and we'll have that
information on the end of this
video for those individuals who
didn't get it and the
opportunity will be them that
for them to call and the company
will welcome all interested
individuals and once again want
to thank you both for being with
me this morning in the side of
the street interview is once
again another great expansion
and you're one of our top
employers in the city so it's
been really fun to see you grow
since 2008 . when you first
Ben and all the great
improvements you may hear we
know is a positive comments from
your current work first - thanks
again for being with you can
take care of
when I

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TruBridge, Inc., a licensed insurance agency in North Canton, is currently under new management and is hiring approximately 250 inside sales professionals for the health and life insurance fields. All TruBridge positions offer an expansive benefits package including competitive hourly pay with uncapped bonus potential; health insurance including medical, dental and vision coverage; paid time off and paid holidays; 401K retirement plans; and other benefits. Applicants should call Jackie Clausnitzer at 1 (855) 861-0235 or email their resume to