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hi my name's by renewed l on the
founder and c_e_o_ of acu quote
dot com or one of the nation's
largest life insurance brokerage
today we're gonna talk about how
to prepare for your life
insurance physical your life
insurance exam
now understand that a life
insurance company asks you lots
of questions in terms of the
valuating the risk that the
taking undertaking a few hundred
dollars they're going on the
hook for hundreds of thousands
of dollars this exam
is the main diagnostic tool that
they used to determine whether
or not you're healthy enough and
what rate you're going to pay so
this is showtime you want to do
well on this exam and so in
order to prepare for this exam
we recommend that you fast prior
to the exam
for some people that means
schedule in the exam first thing
in the morning makes it very
easy to fast because it's easy
to fast while you're sleeping
will recommend you trade morning
coffee before your exam because
if they do any cagey
they're going to see that your
heart is racing in your and it
also raises your blood pressure
i'd skip the morning coffee
i would just drinking water you
get any dispute in a need to
give them a urine specimen said
uh... void prior to then
uh... don't void prior to then
getting there you want to save
that for the examiner and give
them the urine specimen when
they get their or you have to
void while they're there you can
before that prior because they
need to know it came from you
they're awesome take blood and
they're gonna test your blood
for all kinds of things like
cholesterol triglycerides liver
functions kidney functions red
blood cells white blood cells
you can get a copy of this
from your agent most carriers
will share these results with
you afterward which you can send
to your doctor
so in terms of preparing for the
exam you'll hear the thing i
would say decide fasting not
drinking any coffee
obviously watch yourself he also
don't wanna drink alcohol
anytime within a couple days of
the exam and lastly you don't
want to exercise have a libra
prior to the exam a lot of
people think well i'm just gonna
go out for a five mile jog
take a shower and i'll meet my
examiner not a good idea when
you do have the exercise it
tends to cause your body to
spill some protein not a great
idea to look like there's
something wrong with you when
your body's doing nothing but
reacting to and responding to
exercise so it's not a good idea
to exercise vigorously within
twenty four hours of his exam
to go to a workout wait till
after the exam to do the work
and then lastly headed doctors
names and addresses handy for
the examiner because they're
gonna do a medical questionnaire
as well as part of this exam and
if you say you have doctors
they're going to ask you the
names of those factors if you
don't have my handy then you can
have to go look forms gonna take
more time again my name is by
renewed element founder and
c_e_o_ of acu quote were one of
the nation's largest life
insurance brokerage firms
i hope this was helpful to you

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Preparing for a life insurance physical is something you can do in a few different ways depending on your preferences. Prepare for a life insurance physical with help from a life insurance, LTC and annuity industry expert in this free video clip.

Expert: Byron Udell
Bio: Byron Udell is Founder, President and CEO of He has more than 25 years of industry experience, and is one of the nation's foremost life insurance, LTC and annuity industry experts.
Filmmaker: Steve Voller

Series Description: Insurance can be a complicated topic, which is why it's very important to consult a professional if you have any questions. Get answers to your pertinent insurance frequently-asked questions with help from a life insurance, LTC and annuity industry expert in this free video series.