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eBoss will equip you with the tools you need to automate and integrate everything you do into one system.

eBoss is a feature rich and easy to use recruitment software database
delivering a fast service using technologies we are proud to have
developed in the course of our 14 years at the cutting edge of the
recruitment software industry.

Other features include:

* Semantic Search - find and place more candidates faster

* Cv Parsing - drag and drop documents to create candidate records

* Easy migration which means you can be up and running quickly with minimal effort

* A fully documented API which allows your existing website to advertise
your vacancies and
receive applications, or you can choose an eBoss done for you template

* Outlook Exchange Integration offering effortless and tightly integrated

* Outlook plugin where you can manage your records even without leaving

* Fully integrated two way SMS

* Job board integration

We are consistently praised by our clients, especially for our innovative
features, our support services such as live telephone access and most
competitive, affordable pricing packages.

To watch the demo visit:

eBoss Recruitment Software
612 - 616 Wimborne Road,

Tel 020 7183 1577

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7 Good Reasons Why You Should Choose Online Recruitment Software

In today's world, everything in our life has completely been changed due to more usage of the Internet and technologically. Manpower pooling, for example, is quicker and easier now than it has ever been before. In earlier times, job opportunities were normally promoted through newspapers which would take days or weeks before it could be known to public. Now it can be published quickly online within seconds for the entire world to see.

The same goes for the screening process folks and choosing the best candidate for the position. Before, managing the database of applicants was very difficult and time consuming. Ever since the approach is automated, you can now concentrate more on selecting the most suitable ones for the position and creating a shortlist much quickly. This is done through the usage of recruitment software.

Recruitment database provides correct info for your inquiries. This is why it is incredibly important to ensure that the data warehouse is kept secured to guard all discreet info. So in case you are attempting to utilize quality recruiting solutions to your employment needs, then always check when it is in conformity with government standards. In addition to quick search capacity, this software also characteristics an effective tracking system. This system enables its users to pick out perfectly matched candidates for a particular job vacancy. It carries out various course of actions like making accurate selections of candidates for a particular job, pre-screening and categorizing them based on their capacities, skills, and other qualifications.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of recruiting agency software that you could choose from. These include on-premise applications that you may install to a computer, a browser-based solution, a mobile device application, and cloud recruitment software, that you can easily access through the usage of the Internet. It has a wide range of specifications to deal with distinctive specifications of several recruiting firms.

On-premise software system is possibly the most outdated and costly form of these programs since it has been in existence in the business for quite some time now. Usually, this would require agencies to use an IT expert to help them handle, sustain and keep this program up to date.

Third, but not the least factor to consider when seeking for online recruitment software is its accuracy and speed. This is because it can help you integrate the system with your client's human resource management system; thus making the time spent on work much quicker and easier. Through this system, you are able to accomplish all your work at a desirable time period with high level of results. Remember that if they are satisfied about their experience with your agency, there's a huge chance that they will recommend you to other potential consumers. Through high ratings also, you will gain more and earn ROI multiple times over.