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on the other side toxo
these chronicles begin traveling through the beautiful Quindio territory
it is four thematic routes were designed by experienced chamber
our first destination farm sunset in Palestinian village in the municipality of
salento and this is the first morning coffee and variety castle and tav
grown to more than 1,700 meters high
in this corner discouraged tourists know the process of planting coffee
you can collect grind grain and of course enjoy an experience that
tourists keep in their heart for the rest of life until merla
coffee plants itself very good or very good milestone for Germans living the
experience of being coffee
we have a traditional coffee growing under shade as were the crops
coffee growers in the 50s and 60s
We leave the coffee tours offered by the sunset and move to the central square
father of the municipality department
second cup of cappuccino coffee on this day donated rate
There caturra coffee variety comes from the santa ana sidewalk in quimbaya but
sold here in the central square of the town of Salento coffee jesus
kingfisher coffee in this rate there is 98 years of history and five generations
plus a cozy place at 1,800 meters above sea level puts the touch
magic to notes of this coffee produced with high standards
quality and manually selected to give the visitor an almond
it generates unique sensations fits very typically Colombian because it feels
indeed the typical bitter taste coffee
the capi Jesus Martin offers a portfolio of roasted coffees in the
quindío and already they conquered some places in Europe and the US is
have a space provided for that when visiting the department
Quindio coffee and our points we can give the best of themselves and
people leave convinced that visited an excellent destination where
It offers one of the best coffees in the world in this specialty coffee route
designed and promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Armenia
tourists have 22 points with nine different attractions
municipalities in the department
we stop in Calarca continue our tour of cafes
Special gut street sidewalks long municipality of Calarca this in here Recoveries
We will have lunch the only menu that is served daily at this site that is
visited by hundreds of tourists beans egg arepa cracklings
ross ground beef slices Morra mass panela for mazamorra and popular
Ader vogue has also managed to cause you can see it with permission I will
enjoy these delicious beans
food and architecture paisa oral tradition of ancestor from greeting to
pinturero farewell in this theme park more
you after we recovered for another fabulous experience this time
Combia a farm where everything inspires here the tourist can make a
Experiential tour of several stations with tracks a word
quimbaya of indigenous culture which means a high point of a mountain
where you can appreciate a good landscape
the first is familiar with the smells and flavors of coffee shape
then collects the magical secrets are also treasures
factory and paint nature after the rate to taste the coffee know the
benefits of eros and walks through coffee plantations without size and if left coffee
I invite everyone to take coffee in Colombia tourists can also weave a
basket and of course feed their memories with a marathon Green
we Calarca Quindio south buenavista got to enjoy one
unique landscape and clear coffee export also is a temple
to awaken the senses and enjoy the noblest life in the world in cape
single source that is carefully produced under rigorous process
quintuple selection are alberto also has them sustainable agriculture
respect of its founders for the environment is the same as you
They profess dark drink since 1972
this route of specialty coffee in the coffee plantation does not lead to a viewpoint
beautiful sidewalk Balsos here is the coffee municipality of San Alberto
buenavista acquired its status as such in 1967 until this year was
corregimiento judges of all the time
the feature of this site is that visitors can enjoy in the middle
a coffee plantation coffee the best coffee export type you enjoy the view
from this point
very close to san alberto is concorde other landscape and the canvas more
demanding artist and a coffee for the palate of the most demanding taster
drink that has made us world famous tourism a new option
a new experience of specialty coffee coffee
We are in the midst of a spectacular mountain range in the middle of three municipalities
of the range as pijao Cordoba and buenavista
let the mountains and return to level ground hosts
this time are the owners of morelia on this farm you live each
time of almost religious process to find the best notes
love the sense of who comes after making Colombia the knob SEDUE
Colombia coffee sweet little stronger than coffee and complies france
with the image I had of Colombia before traveling the country
also we demonstrated in a new space Cupping how to differentiate
the different types of head on the market a coffee gourmet coffee
excelso to a commercial coffee and ended with a display of
barismo route of specialty coffee in the Armenian Chamber of Commerce one
experience to live with family and friends an experience for the rest of

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Un recorrido de experiencias para la vida por cinco municipios del Quindío.