Subtitles for The Divinity Within: Spiritual Empowerment Intensive - 2 Days

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hello everybody This is Jeanette
your with divinity
and and for continue working
ask like to you spiritual
ask like to you today spiritual
yeah you looking at let's
in this intensive I read army
experience enough
for found want eighty so
I'd like to tell you first
intensity he is going to be
howdy October 18 send
achtenberg's 28 2030
at this magnificent location
call still matters retreat
and still not as rich sprawling
seek Damascus where again which
is about 20-25 minute drive from
a 30-35 minutes drive from
Vancouver depending on
are and this deficit
Leslie peaceful location Aston
for spiritual consciousness
I okay already here's
when I first set foot property
and seinfeld and tell me
%uh peace that even though I was
there from
our Aki surgery did my
pay for the okay mark I'll
so it is a very special place
and sacred status
now I'll be holding us as for
as we learn assets hands
from East walls is energies
so really I want you to know
and foremost this is going to be
a journey a journey
he are gonna call I'm gonna go
my if you seek
individuals is gonna call you I
wasn't each
yet I love them so I guess and
spiritual growth
spiritual power teen incest next
and interesting evolution
of the soul so why we have this
magnificent place
saying Syncrude also going to be
for those who might teach you
options and they have this
not only chef that's going to
take time alright thanks very
creates this nurturing me off
well me learn for a
Press I love these different
frequencies yes
so history the first
enfermo the first thing that
particular caps 3
hearing PVC however is no longer
certain you
really easy frequencies raised
energies from a slight past
lives well dimensions
just are working for you anymore
cut difficulty in your life so
we could increase
space you space
how much so can
tested and as the Creek Estates
jump into the next part this
this intensive which is
intuition the development
intuition wherever it is
developing he further
taking it to the next level if
you are Julia
able to see are on sale share
messages for me.
click here here have more space
this is something that's you for
bring her church past and other
pasta and
the reason why I'm able to do
did something different for
every level
it's because we're going to be
great guided meditations
any specific see you
activation nourish intuition
it doesn't matter are guided
meditation is gonna work
with you and so once me Rd train
feel current feature come to
that people stay s
readlearn now my interest
what is the difference between
Misaki and win
this intuition stocky and how
determined which is which
once we get that allen's come to
station for us he say to
station for us he say to things
or crap fellow the group and
is term in
assets a group pic I get
of course love seen a certain
okay sinister regiment such a
mess Irish
and the next thing you're gonna
be sole purpose
spaces to you as
is a he's break
high self pressed
Fred purpose frequency
I'm yeah hands BK
unique part slash a recount this
lifetime squirrels
1cd its acquaint
neck t your spirits spirituals
each Ulster archangel said
beans her wanted shawn Achor
lactic kasich a floodlight
to come into this space events
what's your
to you comfort you she kind she
even cuter too crazy already
many with fell to some degree
going to me what part of your
as if they're lucky break sites
you even more
how always experienced performer
as he did not but please
me the best PQ make it as
this as this
connection with their sole
purpose this connection
orange which a greater degree
you %uh
is pizza support how much you
how do you want
like to look at forward in
of course your higher self
endured on purpose
have a leak this happened away
that all your he's
that sounds good to you we're
going to look at this was
PC Tools even if you happened
for couldn't get it pretty
quickly since
tend to get pretty the way they
amor reach French station in a
ask senior here or yet powerful
and amway what's right for you
marceca so healing
two ish sole purpose
your search specialty
speech and beautiful was
magnificent people
channel message its teach
check its things sick
you acid
for if you have any questions if
you go to the
activity with Dakar my
website ask website I'm
to dislike not just checked
Yahoo to cart and Facebook
so if you have questions right
now scales
to me any budget I have peep
if this calls to you speaks
seventy 0
we can work together and the way
to make this happen for you
if you like to stay in a hotel
recreates about Occupy
it's not necessary you can't
coach okay
go back home to create why shift
house around you group found you
how seek or bring it together
you can Coast and comment talent
different races different places
fast top agreement
come can't just me see for
said you can after those parts
black and left to work
I would love to work with you
ten-cent I would love to work
with you
I angers
are in Group C Classico issue
compass I'll show you the way
okay against
next year any then thank you so

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Two Day Spiritual Empowerment Intensive! Focusing On
1. Deep Healing
2. Further Development of Intuitive Abilities
3. Bringing Online & Anchoring more Palpably Divine Purpose
4. Greatly Enhance your Connection w/ Spiritual Support Team, Angels, Ascended Masters & Guides
5. Greatly Enhance & Upgrade You Ability to Manifest

For more info on Jeanette visit:

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