Subtitles for 740HP 628RWHP 2003 Ford Cobra SVT Kenne Bell Blozilla - Drag Burnout/Test Drive

65,120   230   23  
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740 horsepower at all the legal
last name is Otto so that's what
it works out to be this card i
know'd and 629 rear wheel
horsepower 2003 ford mustang
cobra svt with the supercharged
4.6 liter v8 and this car had
the car has a Kenny Bell
twin-screw 2.2 litre blows the
LSC charger and with all the
upgrades feel of great fuel
system upgrades exhaust and
popular with the independent
rear suspension of coppers
this car has a solid axle swap
so the independent rear
suspension has been swapped out
for an eight-point a bitch
solid rear axle we think it has
the rental 355 gears that same
gearing so that's cool
and then with this axle the
upper lower control arms or box
and all poly bushings so it can
handle the you know 600 plus
sometimes the torque
this engine is game
Kenny Bell have a car just like
this the customer's car that was
a 2003 cobra with the
supercharger and it real
horsepower 627 which is too less
than this car that car in a 1080
quarter mile and a hundred
thirty miles an hour so it's
incredibly fast car did you get
the hook up that was done on
street drag radials
ok this car what street tires on
it then it will basically break
the here in loose first second
third and fourth q hooking up
with the problem that kind of
power so anyway we'll go for a
drive and see how incredible
acceleration of this car is
thank you
you're going to take a ride in
this 2003 supercharged cobra svt
Mustang 90,000 miles
fantastic straight body
beautiful great gorgeous leather
interior and see how the morning
40 horsepower feels take off
clutches very strong and engages
mind off of the floor
and to make it worse
takes effort actually
family awesome grunting like to
start is going to this you know
that little bitch
nice to know
but you're close when is this
thing has a different this side
actually seems to handle their
job going to do it
let's type of event and whatever
the independent rear suspension
and/or probably not be quite as
giving every corner
right here it feels absolutely
the song gradual is a lot less
addition for any way that I
expected it to be and of course
it's going to be way stronger
stand now
way that's that in God date your
and their fuel ratio
140 horsepower culture
hope you enjoyed the ride thank

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