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hey guys so for the next video
as mentioned in a previous video
we're going to be doing a tic
tac toe a kind of artificial
intelligence type of program
where you're playing against the
I've already finished about half
of it and it's a pretty simple
program so i should be able to
finish it pretty soon and
maximum there are only like five
move so i should be able to
finish it and put up the video
at the end of the day today or
if not tomorrow
so basically what we're going to
start out with is making a board
and then we're going to go into
what goes through our minds for
the first move the second movie
and so on and we'll finish and
go from there
so what I'm gonna leave the
description if you want if you
need it
well you're probably going to
need it is on this excel sheet
this basically when we look at
defense and offense if you're
playing a defensive move then
you need to move here if your ex
to block that person from
winning or if you're playing an
office you need to move here to
win the game
so basically this excel sheet
will help us out we're going to
be using arrays again but it's
going to be a character array
it's going to be a little
different from the other program
I'm hoping to to stop using the
same basic programming
techniques loops and stuff and
start using stuffs like stuff
like dictionaries and recursion
and other things like that to
kind of further my knowledge and
hopefully for the you're so yeah
this is the introduction video
and the next video should be out
today if not tomorrow
alright thanks for watching

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Computer AI TicTacToe using Java (Intro)

This video is the Introduction to the TicTacToe program. Instead of predicting all possible moves we are going to use a little bit of AI(Artificial Intelligence)... at least i think thats what it is.

Link to the Excel Sheet

Hope you enjoy it
Please comment on what I can do better.
Thank You!